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Computers For School Class 8

Author: Sanjay Jain
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Special Features Of Computers for School Vol VIII

  • Use of simple language.
  • Use of impressive layouts and self-explanatory diagrams.
  • Lab assignments in between the chapters for practical knowledge.
  • Interesting facts in ‘Do you know’.
  • Important information in ‘Notes’.

Chapters in this book:

    1. Network
    2. Number System
    3. Programming in Python
    4. Decision-making in Python
    5. Image editing in GIMP
    6. Animation on images
    7. Office package
    8. Ethics and Safety Measures
    9. Artificial Intelligence


Computers for School (Vol VIII)

  1. Network: – This chapter allows the students to learn about the basics of computer network, communication media, topologies and protocols in communication.
  2. Number system: – This chapter gives knowledge about the different number systems understood by machines and humans. It also explains how any information from one number system is converted into the machine-understandable system.
  3. Programming in Python: – This chapter enhances the programming knowledge of python among the students. It also allows the students to learn the easy syntax used in python programming language.
  4. Decision Making in python – This option allows the students to understand the flow of program execution in Python.
  5. Image editing in GIMP: – This chapter allows the students to learn basic image editing tasks through GIMP.
  6. Animation on images: – This chapter allows the students to animate images using features such as photo retouching, image comparison, red-eye removal using the GIMP software.
  7. Office package: – This chapter will help the students to know more on few office tools such as writer, calc and Impress.
  8. Ethics and Safety Measures: – This chapter will help the students to learn how to protect themselves from breach of privacy, theft and frauds.
  9. Artificial Intelligence: – This chapter has been introduced to convey the concept of AI in different aspects.

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