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Computers For School Class 7

Author: Sanjay Jain
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Special Features Of  Computers for School Vol VII

  • Use of simple language.
  • Use of impressive layouts and self-explanatory diagrams.
  • Lab assignments in between the chapters for practical knowledge.
  • Interesting facts in ‘Do you know’.
  • Important information in ‘Notes’.

Chapters in this book:

  1. Computer Hardware
  2. Internet: Online Surfing
  3. Database
  4. Reports in Database
  5. Beginning with HTML
  6. Tags in HTML
  7. Scratch
  8. Basics of APP


Computers for School (Vol VII)

  1. Computer Hardware: – This chapter will help the students to get in-depth knowledge of different computer hardware units.
  2. Internet:- Online surfing – This chapter will help the students to learn how can they send messages over the internet using e-mail, basic functioning of email, different modes of online payments, netiquettes, blogging and podcasting.
  3. Database: – This chapter will aware the students about ways to maintain data in database.
  4. Reports in database: – This chapter will aware the students about how to sort, filter, and how to establish relationships among different tables in a database.
  5. Beginning with HTML: – This chapter will train the students to make simple web pages using HTML tags.
  6. Tags in HTML: – This chapter allows the students to learn more tags to make the web pages created in the previous chapter more attractive and interactive.
  7. Scratch: – This chapter will help the students learn how animations are created and applied.
  8. BASIC of APP: – This chapter has been discussed to convey the concept of making simple applications.

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