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Computer Application In School Class 7


Special Features in Computer Application in School Volume VII

  • The content of the book are in simple language that relates with real life situation.
  • The content of the chapter are easy to understand and have impressive colorful layouts with explanatory diagrams.
  • In the book, there are separates Lab Assignment in between the chapter, so that student know, what he/she has to do in the Computer Lab after corresponding theory class.
  • The chapters have interesting facts in ‘Do You Know’ and Important Information in ‘Notes’ that are related to contents.
  • Chapter on Ethics & Safety Measures will help the children to be aware and secure from Cyber Crimes.
  • Chapter on MS Excel and MS Access will enable the students to learn to organize data in appropriate way.
  • HTML will help to understand coding skill among the student.
  • The book contains ‘Sample Question Paper’ for the Term End Examination.

Chapters in this Book

  1. Computer Hardware
  2. Number System
  3. Computer Virus
  4. Ethics and Safety Measures
  5. MS Excel
  6. Database: MS Access
  7. About HTML


Description of the Chapters

  1. Computer Hardware

This chapter gives the details of different hardware component. All of the input and output devices associated with a computer system.

  1. Number System

This chapter explains about number system such as decimal number, binary number, octal number and hexadecimal number. Also it explains number system conversion, addition and subtraction.

  1. Computer Virus

This chapter explains about different computer virus and the damage they cause.

  1. Ethics and Safety Measures

This chapter explains about all the safety measures that should be taken by user to prevent the effect of computer virus.

  1. MS Excel

This chapter helps students how to create spreadsheet and keep data in organized way.

  1. Database: MS Access

This chapter gives brief idea about database and how to create and access database using MS Access.

  1. About HTML

This chapter is very interesting as it will help in learning how to create web pages using HTML. This chapter will cover tags and attributes of HTML that is used to write codes.


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