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Computer Application In School Class 6


Special Features in Computer Application in School Volume VI

  • The content of the book are in simple language that relates with real life situation.
  • The content of the chapter are easy to understand and have impressive colorful layouts with explanatory diagrams.
  • In the book, there are separates Lab Assignment in between the chapter, so that student know, what he/she has to do in the Computer Lab after corresponding theory class.
  • The book contain question in the work book format.
  • The chapters have interesting facts in ‘Do You Know’ and Important Information in ‘Notes’ that are related to contents.
  • The Chapter ‘Scratch’ will generate interest foe learning and creating animation.
  • The chapter on ‘HTML’ will enhance ‘Coding Skill’ among students.

Chapters in this Book

  1. Computer and Its Language
  2. File Management
  3. Table in Word Processor
  4. Mail Merge
  5. Presentation
  6. Scratch
  7. Beginning with HTML
  8. Internet: Online Surfing


Description of the Chapters

  1. Computer and Its Language

In this chapter students will learn about different types of Computers used in real world and their features. Also this chapter will explain about computer languages and the generation of computer languages.

  1. File Management

In computer every data or information is stored in file or a folder so, it is very important to learn about how to manage files. So, this chapter will help student how to create, rename, copy, move and paste files in computer system. How to search files?

  1. Tables in Word Processor

This chapter specifically deals with Table in MS Word. How to create, Format and Delete table? Insert row/column, Merge/Split cell.

  1. Mail Merge

Mail Merge is special feature in MS Word. And this chapter will cover everything related to mail serge such as what is Mail Merge, Advantages and How to apply Mail Merge.

  1. Presentation
  2. In today’s world it is very important to know how to give a presentation on any topic. In this chapter students will learn about presentation and is purpose. Also they will learn how to work on MS PowerPoint and make slides, different views, inserting pictures and everything related to it.
  3. Scratch

This chapter is designed to develop interest in creating animation. In this chapter students will learn how to work on scratch and get to known it’s all features.

  1. Beginning with HTML

This chapter is very interesting as it will help in learning how to create web pages using HTML. This chapter will cover tags and attributes of HTML that is used to write codes.

  1. Internet: Online Surfing

This is a very important chapter for students as it will help them to learn how to surf (use) internet accordingly. They will cover everything related to Email its component, how to create, send email and how to attach files with email. And this chapter will also cover some trending topics such as e-shopping, online payment and blogging.


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