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Computer Application In School Class 5


Special Features in Computer Application in School Volume V

  • The content of the book are in simple language that relates with real life situation.
  • The content of the chapter are easy to understand and have impressive colorful layouts with explanatory diagrams.
  • In the book, there are separates Lab Assignment in between the chapter, so that student know, what he/she has to do in the Computer Lab after corresponding theory class.
  • The book contain question in the work book format.
  • The chapters have interesting facts in ‘Do You Know’ and Important Information in ‘Notes’ that are related to contents.
  • Annexure on computer language BASIC has been added to aware about coding skills.

Chapters in this Book

  1. Evolution of Computer
  2. Software
  3. Advance Features of MS Word
  4. Shapes in MS Words
  5. Special Effects in Presentation
  6. Beginning with Scratch
  7. Internet Access
  8. Annexure: Coding in Basic


Description of the Chapters

  1. Evolution of Computer

This is good chapter that will let students know about history of computer and how it evolved in to today’s digital computer. They will come to know about different calculating machines that have led to the invention of modern computer system.

  1. Software

This chapter will help students learn about what are software and different types of software. What are their functions and why are important for computers.

  1. Advance Features of MS Word

This Chapter deals with advance features of MS Word such Formatting, Header and Footer, Table, Page Break etc. It will help students in developing their skills in MS Word.

  1. Shapes in MS Words

Again, this chapter will also help students learn more about MS Words. It will help in making documents more interactive by using shapes. How to insert a shape? Style and resize a shape.

  1. Special Effects in Presentation

This chapter will help students learn Special features in MS Presentation. It will cover topic such as what is template? How to edit/format Background? What is theme and how to use it?

  1. Beginning with Scratch

Here in this chapter a new topic ‘Scratch’ is being introduced. What is Scratch and it components? How to work on it?

  1. Internet Access

This chapter will cover everything one needs to know about ‘Internet Connectivity’. How do we access Internet and different ways to connect Internet?

  1. Annexure: Coding in Basic

This can be said additional feature of this book. In this chapter students will learn about coding in QBASIC. How to write and execute Program in QBASIC?


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