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Computer Application In School Class 4


Special Features in Computer Application in School Volume IV

  • Lab Assignment
  • Colorful Layouts
  • Explanatory Pictures
  • Exposure to latest packages
  • Exercise in Workbook Format
  • Important Information in ‘Notes’
  • Interesting Facts in ‘Do You Know’
  • Content Related to Real Life Situation
  • Certificate of the Course at the end

Chapters in this Book

  1. Storage and Memory Device
  2. GUI OS
  3. Tools of Word Processor
  4. Internet
  5. Presentation
  6. Step-Wise Thinking
  7. Features of File Management


Description of the Chapters

  1. Storage and Memory Device

Students! This chapter will help you understand about the Memory and Storage Unit of Computer System. What is Computer Memory? Different types of Memory. How computer store and access data?

  1. GUI OS

GUI OS sounds interesting! I this chapter student will learn about new term ‘Graphical User Interface’ operating system and its features. Also, they will learn about different terminologies such as interface, icons and taskbar.

  1. Tools of Word Processor

One must have known or learnabout word processor but do you know all of the tools and features of word processor. This chapter will help students to learn and explore in word processor and enhance their creativity.

  1. Internet

It’s fun to use internet and same will be true when one learn about Internet. In this chapter students will learn about different terms related to Internet such as WWW, URL, and Search Engine.

  1. Presentation

In today’s world it is very important to know how to give a presentation on any topic. In this chapter students will learn about presentation and is purpose. Also they will learn how to work on presentation package and make slides using MS PowerPoint.

  1. Step-Wise Thinking

This chapter will help students enhance their thinking ability. Also, they will learn how to solve problem in a systematic way and will introduced to term ‘Algorithm’ and it’s characteristics.

  1. Features of File Management

In computer every data or information is stored in file or a folder so, it is very important to learn about how to manage files. So, this chapter will help student how to create, rename, copy, move and paste files in computer system.


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