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Computer Application In School Class 3


Special Features in Computer Application in School Volume III

  • Content Related to Real Life Situation
  • Interesting facts in ‘Do You Know’
  • Important Information In ‘Notes’
  • Certificate of the Course at the end
  • Exercise in Workbook Format
  • Exposure to Latest Packages
  • Explanatory Picture
  • Colorful Layouts
  • Lab Assignment

Chapters in This Book

  1. Computer System
  2. Operating System
  3. Word Processor
  4. Internet
  5. Net Surfing
  6. Fun with Paint
  7. Organization of Folder


Description of the Chapters

  1. Computer System

In this chapter students will learn about the Computer System in details. They will learn what is computer system, how it works. About Input and Output Devices.

  1. Operating System

In this chapter students will be introduced to Operating System and its functions. What is Windows Operating System and how to work on it?

  1. Word Processor

This chapter is very interesting for students as it will help them to learn how to work on Word Processor. How to create a document, save and edit.

  1. Internet

As everyone knows how important is Internet in today’s world. So, in this chapter students will learn about the features of Internet, how to communicate on Internet and it can help them in many ways.

  1. Net Surfing

This is a very important chapter for students as it will help them to learn how to surf (use) internet accordingly. They will be introduced to terminologies related to internet such as web page, website and web browser.

  1. Fun with Paint

This chapter is going to be fun for students, as they will learn how to work on MS Paint. It will help them in making and editing drawing in computer.

  1. Organization of Folder

This chapter is very important for students as it enhance the knowledge of File Management in computer system. It help them learn how to create and manage folders.


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